Cinematic Wedding Films throughout Cheshire, Lancashire and the North West

Well hello there and welcome to One Wedding. We are North West based wedding videographers and filmmakers shooting weddings throughout Manchester, Liverpool, Cheshire and Lancashire.

First of all we want to congratulate you on getting married. Your wedding day and all the planning up to the main event should be enjoyable and exciting. It's time to get down to it and make sure your wedding is one heck of a knees up, complete with tears of joy, smiles of happiness and awesome wedding shenanigans.

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Wedding films made with love

We created this page to tell couples in love all about our wedding videography. As you might have guessed we make wedding videos and we absolutely love it!

Over the next few scrolls you will be able to find out a little bit more about us, our style and most importantly the awesome packages we have available to capture your special day. All our packages are the same whether you are getting married in Liverpool, Manchester or throughout the North West.

If you have any further questions then please don’t hesitate to shoot us an email and ask away.

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A little about us

Ok so before we start nattering on all about how much we love weddings we thought it best that we introduce ourselves and what we are all about…

We are One Wedding, a team of natural and creative wedding filmmakers with a passion for making cinematic and fun wedding videos.

Originally we started shooting weddings in Sheffield but have recently moved West and primarily focus on weddings in Liverpool, Manchester and the surrounding area.

We have been shooting videos for as long as we can remember, whether that was promotional videos for local schools while at university or capturing happy couples in love like we do now.

As a team we have been lucky enough to have been part of the wedding industry for over 5 years. Over that period of time we have shot over 400 weddings of varying shapes and sizes. Whether that’s Asian weddings with over 1000 guests or simple, intimate weddings with nothing but the Bride and Groom, we have loved being part of them all.

With each and every wedding being totally unique and individual we pour our heart and soul into making beautiful films that are personal and intimate to all our couples.

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Our Approach to filming your wedding

One of the most important parts of ensuring you have a fun, stress free and enjoyable wedding is making sure you know exactly what you are getting when you book your suppliers. With this in mind we thought it would be worth telling you a little bit about what we are all about especially our approach to videoing your wedding.

Natural & Documentary

Our approach is very authentic and un-posed. It’s your wedding, filmed as it happens. You wont find us arranging you into funny positions or asking you to repeat the first kiss. We film the day as it happens, capturing all the beautiful, real wedding moments that make up your special wedding day.

Fun & Creative

Our main goal is that all our videos are creative and fun. We want you to sit back and watch your video laughing at all the little moments we have captured. It's important to us that you feel exactly as you did in that moment, reliving each and every aspect of your wedding day.

Cinematic & Stylish

While our primary focus of the video making process will be to ensure that our approach is discreet and natural we are also passionate about creating something truly exciting for you to watch. We aim to deliver a cinematic style wedding film that makes you feel like you are watching something that could just as easily be shown at the cinema.

Personal & Intimate

All our films are personal to each and every couple. We film intimate and simple moments as well as all the main events such as the ceremony, speeches and first dance. We are also driven by capturing the often unseen moments that appear in between and are often forgotten until you watch the film back.

Unobtrusive & Real

Your wedding is going to be awesome and we certainly don’t need to make it any better. Yes, we are always here should you need any advice on how to get the most out of your day but we want you to know that you make your wedding awesome and everything you do goes a long way to ensuring your day is unique to you. Whether it’s the jokes you tell or the reactions and emotions on show.

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Our Videos

Below is a selection of our more recent North West wedding films and videos. We have hundreds more videos available to browse, just send us an email and we will respond with a link.

Just click on the pictures below to be taken to see the video.

Reviews and Testimonials

Knowing that our couples love their wedding film is one of the primary reasons we continue on our videography journey. Below is a just a few of the awesome things couples have had to say about us.

Sally & Adam

"Wow, I have just watched the film. What can I say, it is amazing. We are so happy that we chose you as our videographers. We will recommend you to everyone and anyone."

Andy & Claire

"Amazing, pure perfection. We are truly privileged that you were part of our wedding day. Your videography is simply stunning. Thank you so much."

Tom & Will

"Beautiful, Amazing, Fantastic. Thank you for making our night. Getting to see so many of our guests enjoying themselves and having an awesome time is absolutely maginificent. You guys are amazing."

Laura & Patrick

"Simply amazing. We cant thank you enough. We can't imagine having any other videographers document our wedding. You guys were perfect throughout the entire process."

How does it work on the wedding day?

One of the things we often get asked is 'how does it works on the wedding day itself?' Well we thought we could give you a little insight into how our videos are made and why we have managed to build one of the best reputations in wedding videography throughout the UK.

Whether you are getting married in Manchester, Cheshire or anywhere throughout the North West our approach to your day will remain quite similar.

We tend to arrive a few hours before the ceremony, meet family and friends and then start capturing people preparing to get married. Our style and approach is very simple and reportage. We try to be as discreet as possible without posing or interrupting moments leaving you to live your wedding as it happens. Un-interrupted and in all its glory.

With the ceremony looming it's time for us to head on over to the ceremony location, prepare our cameras and get ready to ensure that we don’t miss a moment of you saying those precious wedding vows.

One of the things we are most careful about is ensuring that our equipment and set up is minimal but effective. You wont see us with huge video cameras or massive lighting rigs. Everything we do goes towards ensuring we capturing honest and real moments from your day.

After you have said those special “I Do’s” then it's more than likely time for the speeches. Once again we will ensure we are in position ready to capture those ‘close to the wire’ jokes, funny stories and revelations of true love. The speeches are one of our favourite parts of the wedding and generally speaking what we use to form the main part of our videos. Whether your speeches are short and whitty or long and meaningful. We will ensure we capture each speech from beginning to end.

Post speeches is usually time to let your hair down and start partying the night away. We love funny dancing videos after one too many sherries and will make sure that we have plenty of dance floor footage including cringe worthy dance moves, air guitar ballads and scream at the top of your lungs shenanigans.

Our Wedding Packages

We have 2 main video packages available for your wedding film. All our packages are customisable and can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.

Take a look at our packages below and get in touch with any questions or enquiries about availability.

The Most Popular

1 x 30-40 minute feature film edited to music (including audio snippets)
1 x 5-10 minute highlights film edited to music
1 x 1-2 minute trailer film also edited to music
1 x Full Ceremony Film, 1 x Full Speeches Film, 1 x Full First Dance Film
10-12 hours coverage (we arrive when you want us to and leave 10-12 hours later)

The Full Shabang

1 x 1 hour feature film edited to music (including audio snippets)
1 x 10 minute highlights film edited to music
1 x 3-4 minute trailer film also edited to music
1 x Full Ceremony Film, 1 x Full Speeches Film, 1 x Full First Dance Film
12-13 hours coverage (we arrive when you want us to and leave 12-13 hours later)

If you want to enquire about our availability then please send us an email via our contact form.

As well as video packages we also offer photography as well as photography and video packages. Please enquire for more information or visit our prices page.

Throughout Manchester, Liverpool and the UK

Travelling for weddings is one of our passions. Getting to meet couples from all over the country who are having all different types of weddings is something that drives us forward. Because every wedding is unique we strive to ensure our videos and photos are personal to each and every couple.

We primarily video throughout Liverpool & Manchester, however, we travel far a wide throughout Cheshire, Lancashire and the rest of the UK.

If you are getting married in Cheshire or Lancashire or pretty much anywhere in the UK then we would love to hear more about your wedding. We would love the opportunity to be your wedding videographer.

Contact and get in touch

If you are getting married in the North West or throughout Cheshire and Lancashire we would love to hear more about your wedding day.

We travel far and wide throughout the UK creating cinematic wedding films and would love to hear more about the plans you have for your special day.

Please send enquiries through our contact form or direct at